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Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform[edit]

In 2014, civil forfeiture reform legislation was proposed in the house:
H.R. 5212 (113th): Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2014 initially by Tim Walberg and then resubmitted as H.R. 5502 (113th): FAIR Act by Scott Garrett.

In the senate:
S. 2644 (113th): Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration (FAIR) Act by Rand Paul.

These bills died in the 2014 Congress.

In 2015, Rand Paul and Tim Walberg reintroduced the FAIR Act as S. 255 and H.R. 540.

Attorney General Holder also weighed in : Prohibition on Certain Federal Adoptions of Seizures by State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. This is a change in policy on the federal level, but it doesn't stop abuses on the state level. The House Judiciary subcommittee agreed that reform legislation is necessary.