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Resource Utilization: Ubuntu 10.04 vs 12.04[edit]

"I was going to suggest XFCE. If it's good enough for a pissed off Linus Torvalds, then it's good enough for you. Or you could try LXDE actually. I mean, you would have to put real effort into going on Ebay, and really search and hunt for a computer low powered enough that LXDE won't work. I mean LXDE is light, and good looking too. With the Ambiance and Radiance themes, it really does look as good as Gnome 2."

"How to run Ubuntu 12.04/10 or 10.04/10 on old computers with (very) limited resources"


Lightweight Web Browsers[edit]


Lightweight Chat Clients[edit]


 - Add Google Talk and Facebook accounts
 - uncheck: Buddies > Show > Buddy Details
 - Buddies > Sort Buddies > By Status
 - Tools > Preferences
      - Placement: Left
      - Close conversations with the escape key
      - Log all status changes to system log
      - Mute sounds
      - Idle 10 minutes
      - Available at startup
      - no smiley theme
 - Tools > Plugins
      - uncheck: Libnotify popups
      - psychic mode
      - I'dle Mak'er
      - Contact Availability Prediction