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Welcome to the BC Wiki![edit]

This wiki is a community-editable complement to my personal and technical blog. If this isn't what you're looking for, check out the other sites in the BC Supercluster.

Create an account and edit away! To create a new page, put the desired title in the search bar, hit 'Go', then click 'Create the page on this wiki!'. This site is built on the free, open-source MediaWiki framework; for details on how this wiki is configured, see Wiki Setup.

If you encounter any problems or want to share an idea for making this site more useful, contact me.


Pages of Interest[edit]

Looking for investment and personal finance information? See my finance blog And Higher Still and the AHS Wiki

High-Voltage DIY
Flyback Drivers
High Voltage Components
High Voltage DIY Community
Plasma Speaker
Tesla Coil
Microwave Experiments
Power Supplies
Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)
Open Source Hardware
Raspberry Pi
Computer Interfacing
Stepper Motors
555 and 556 Timer ICs
Temperature Measurement
Light Measurement
Electronic Components
Computer Networking
Building a Desktop Computer
Amateur Radio
Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
RFID, NFC, and Magnetic Stripes
Operational Amplifiers
DIY In The Lab
DIY NMR Spectroscopy
DIY Laboratory Equipment
DIY Microbial Fuel Cell
Electronic Circuit Schematic Software
Soldering, Brazing, and Welding
Image Processing
GPS Logging
Open Science
Open Scientific Computing
Open Access Academic Journals
Open Notebook Science
Berkeley Common Environment
Internet Competency for Academics
APIs for Scholarly Resources
Programming and Development
Sage Math and Python on the Web
Python Graphical User Interfaces
Python Development with Virtual Environments
C in Python with Cython
Bash Shell Scripting
Julia for Scientific Computing
Git and Github
Virtual Machines in VirtualBox
Docker for Server Deployment
Ubuntu Linux
Configuring Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Configuring Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Troubleshooting Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Create a Linux Multiboot USB Drive
Bootloader Maintenance in Linux
Lightweight Linux
Packaging Software for Ubuntu
Software Configuration and Tips
Inserting Special Characters with Unicode
File Sync Software
Google Drive and YouTube
LaTeX Typesetting
Open Source CRM Software
Wordpress Configuration
Blogging with Ghost
Open Source Router Firmware
Websites with GitHub Pages
RSS and Feed Readers
Google Chrome Remote
Security and Anonymity
Internet Anonymity with TOR
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchains
Mesh Networks
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Learn To Code
Open Courseware
Science in Schools
Textbook Affordability
Web Tools
Environmental Conservation
Acid Mine Drainage
Nuclear Power
Employee-Owned Companies
Beneficial Corporations
Society and Politics
Civil Forfeiture
Campaign Finance Reform
Corporate Taxes
Various and Sundry
Prototyping with PVC Pipe
Food and Nutrition Information
Electronic Cigarettes
Attention as a Resource
Community Book Lending
Penn State Alumni Association
Things I Own

To Sort - interesting stuff that I still need to classify and sort!