Power Supplies

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Voltage Converter ICs

LTC1046 - inductorless 5V to -5V convertoer (Jameco $6.75)
MAX1044 - switched-capacitor voltage converters (pin-compatible with ICL7660, LT1044) (Digikey $3)
MAX660 - similar to MAX1044, but supports more current (100mA vs 10mA) (Digikey, $1.50)
LTC7149 - Vin 3.4 to 60V; 
LTC3649 - Vin 3.1 to 60V; Vout 0 to Vin-0.5V; Digikey $12
LTC3896 - Vin 36 to 72V; Vout 0 to -48V; Digikey $10

MAX660 can be cascaded! 2x → 11.0Vout
from MAX1044 datasheet: "Three or more devices can be cascaded in this way, but output impedance rises dramatically... a better solution may be an inductive switching regulator, such as MAX755, MAX759, MAX764, MAX774."

Split-Rail Power Supply