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man rsync is your friend!
-a	archive; equals -rlptgoD
-r	recurse into directories
-l	copy symlinks as symlinks
-p	preserve permissions
-t	preserve modification times
-g	preserve group
-o	preserve owner (super-user only!)
-D	preserve device and special files (super-user only!); equals –devices –special

Other good ones to know, especially if you’re syncing to another r/w machine and not just pushing to a read-only backup:
-v	verbose
-L	transform symlink into referent file/dir
-h	human-readable numbers
-u	update; skip files that are newer on the receiver
-c	skip based on checksum, not mod-time & size
-P	progress bar; keep partially transferred files; equals –partial –progress

For your purpose, I typically use:
rsync -rLptgoDPhu

If you don’t want to sync symlinked stuff, then:
rsync -aPhu

Bittorrent Sync[edit]

Finally, a no-cost and secure tool for transferring terabytes of data between your computers... without ever touching The Cloud!

Check out news and use cases on the Blog.

This is a fantastic article on implementing a backup system with Bittorrent sync: The Modern Scientist—Torrential File Synchronization.

Folder Sync Pro[edit]

A distributed file synchronization client for Mac and Windows. $10 per client.