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Integration with Other Services[edit]

Google Keep Integration[edit]

This was hinted at a long time ago (2013-09) but still hasn't materialized.

Search Google Drive from the Chrome Omnibox[edit]


"To enable search in Google Drive from the Omnibox, right click the omnibox and then click Manage Search engines and enter this data:

Name: Google Drive Keyword: Drive URL:

Now close the settings from the Omnibox and type "Drive" and hit TAB."

"I altered to work with my Google Apps domain as follows:<YOUR.DOMAIN.COM>/#search/%s"

"For specific searches, for years I've been using the following search engines I've added; works great:

Close Settings; in Omnibar, type assigned keyword; hit TAB; enter your search word; hit Enter."

unfortunately, this doesn't autocomplete—it loads the search results right inside Google Drive.

Omnidrive allows autocompletion: "Do not consume memory when it's doing nothing thanks to Event pages."


Google Scholar


Ask Ubuntu



Syncing Google Drive with the Desktop[edit]

Drive App[edit]

Google Drive Ap for Linux @ Distracts Others


sudo apt-get install golang git mercurial

go get

drive help
drive init
drive push
drive pull


"This project is under new maintenance because I am now too busy to maintain it. Find the latest and updated code at"


brandon@D105:~/bin$ GOPATH=/home/brandon/bin/go
brandon@D105:~/bin$ export GOPATH
brandon@D105:~/bin$ go get
	imports no buildable Go source files in /home/brandon/bin/go/src/

$ go get -u
$ drive init ~/gdrive
$ cd ~/gdrive
$ sudo ln -s /home/brandon/bin/go/bin/drive /usr/local/bin/drive

$ drive list
$ drive stat
on curtis-desktop-01:

sudo apt-get install golang git mercurial
export GOPATH
go get -u
mkdir Drive
sudo ln -s /home/brandon/bin/go/bin/drive /usr/local/bin/drive

sudo apt-get install xclip

sudo ln -s /home/brandon/bin/go/bin/drive /usr/local/bin/drive

OCAML Fuse in Ubuntu[edit]

Mount Google Drive in Ubuntu with google-drive-ocamlfuse


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-strada/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install google-drive-ocamlfuse


FAILED. Server not responding!

Went here to create OAuth2 credentials:

URL: Client secret: xxx

google-drive-ocamlfuse -client_id -client_secret xxxx

SUCCESS. Authenticated!

mkdir ~/gdrive

google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/gdrive

sudo nano ~/.gdfuse/default/config

add to startup apps: google-drive-ocamlfuse -debug /path/to/gdrive

You can even use -label in the authentication step to sync multiple accounts!

Google Spreadsheets[edit]

Conditional Formatting with Functions[edit]

This is amazingly useful and amazingly simple.

Working With Arrays[edit]

To apply a non-array function to an array, enclose the non-array function in 'ARRAYFORMULA()'.

For example, to return 'TRUE' if any cell in the array A1:C10 is blank:


Function Fill-Down[edit]

Highlight the cells you wish to fill from, then use Shift-Down or Ctrl-Shift-Down to select the cells you with to fill into. Hit Ctrl-D to fill down! You can use a similar technique and Ctrl-R to fill right.

Saving a Document in Multiple Folders[edit]

In Old Google Drive (2013), you could shift-click and control-click to place a document in multiple folders; in New Google Drive (2014), you'll need to select the file and hit 'Shift-Z' to bring up the 'Add To Folder' dialog.

Hosting a Website[edit]

via Google Support: Host webpages with Drive

This feature is not available in New Google Drive (2014.09.23).

To host a webpage with Drive:

  1. Create a new folder in Drive and share it as "Public on the web."
  2. Upload your HTML, Javascript, and CSS files to this folder.
  3. Open the HTML file and click Open in the bottom-right corner.
  4. Click the "Preview" button in the toolbar.
  5. Share the URL that looks like "" from the preview window and anyone can view your web page.

Drive API[edit]