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Installing LaTeX in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr[edit]

Just run this from the command prompt:

sudo apt-get install texmaker biber

Launch TexMaker and configure it as follows:

  • Bib front-end: biblatex
  • Bib back-end: biber
  • bib(la)tex config: "biber %"
  • Quick-Build config: "latex, bib(la)tex, latex (x2), view pdf"

This should work fine, without problems!

Usage Details[edit]

Bibtex vs Biber[edit]

Special characters will fail if you use the obsolete bibtex backend, as it is pretty much ASCII-only (any UTF-8 in the *.bib makes it explode).

Biber hasn't been packaged for Precise, so you'll need to compile from source, retrieve through [], or find a backport (sourceforge) if you're using 12.04.

On 12.04, apt-cache show biblatex yields: Config-Version: 1.7-1 Recommends: biber (>= 0.9.6)

Ubuntu 12.04 uses biblatex version 1.7-1; you can verify this by running:

apt-cache show biblatex

According to the biber documentation, the last biber release to support biblatex 1.7 is biber 0.9.9: this should do it:

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