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How to package newer version of Arduino for Ubuntu?
    Sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools
    “you can only upload source packages, launchpad will then build deb files for every supported architecture for you.”

Packaging with Apache Ant[edit]

I have not been able to successful compile Java software for Debian using Apache Ant, but my notes so far are below for the attempts to come.

My plan is to read the Apache Ant how-to, explore the source of the very old Arduino v1.0.5 in the repositories and look for clues to how to package for Debian with Ant. Failing that, I will ask for help on the Arduino developer mailing list. - Java and Debian Packaging

this is what we currently have, all the way back at 1.0.5:

1) install and configure software:
sudo apt-get install packaging-dev
pbuilder-dist xenial create

nano ~/.bashrc
export DEBFULLNAME="Bob Dobbs"
export DEBEMAIL=""
source ~/.bashrc

2) create gpg and ssh keys

(I just copied the .gnugp folder from my old install!)

3) set up to work with Launchpad

bzr whoami "Brandon Curtis <>"
bzr launchpad-login brandoncurtis


work through this example to package a HELLO WORLD app
and upload it to a PPA on Launchpad.

this (hopefully) contains the information necessary to create PPAs
for Java software packaged with Ant.

sudo apt-get install javahelper
details on the different sections in the control file:

list of potential sections your package could fall under:

get a package's dependencies with `apt-cache depends arduino`

 |Depends: default-jre
  Depends: <java6-runtime>
  Depends: libjna-java
  Depends: librxtx-java
  Depends: arduino-core
  Recommends: extra-xdg-menus
  Recommends: policykit-1

(control still needs work)
for rules, maybe try something like this?

#!/usr/bin/make -f
# -*- makefile -*-

# Uncomment this to turn on verbose mode.
#export DH_VERBOSE=1


	dh $@  --with javahelper

	dh_auto_build -- dist

	dh_auto_build -- run
perform the build:
dpkg-buildpackage -A -us -uc
More references: