Prototyping with PVC Pipe

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Pipe Materials for Prototyping[edit]

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)[edit]

PVC sizing

Suppliers of PVC fittings for structural prototyping:

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)[edit]

Differences in PVC and CPVC sizing

"CPVC was designed as a replacement for copper plumbing tubing, with a robust, water-potable and less expensive plastic solution."

Furniture PVC: "Furniture PVC Pipe is specialty composite pipe that is custom extruded using two different types of PVCs that are fused together under the extreme heat and pressure of the extrusion process. The inside or core PVC material is a very strong industrial grade of PVC whereas the top layer acts much like the enamel on a tooth. This outer layer is an extremely expensive, highly pigmented, glossy, weatherable cap that is extremely resistant to damage and degradation by sunlight."

Polyethylene Crosslinked (PEX)[edit]

PEX Piping: Everything You Need to Know How to Become a Kickass Plumber – with PEX

I have heard suggestions that rodents might chew through PEX piping. Is this a confirmed issue?


Kee Klamps for connecting sections of metal pipe

More to Research[edit]

"Also look at 80/20 – awesome stuff used a lot for industrial applications"